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Tinseltown Feedback Wanted

It’s that time of the year again. Time to put up the lights, shop till you drop and dress up your Firefox with Tinseltown, a Christmas theme.

Tinseltown Feedback

I’ve no formal update plans for Tinseltown, so I’m asking you. What would you like to see updated?

I’ve been running Tinseltown for a few days and there are no major issues that I see. But you may be seeing something that I’m overlooking. So please do share.

Ohh and for those running Firefox 3 beta, Tinseltown probably won’t be available this year. Sorry, but Firefox 3 is just not far enough along for me to start theming it. I may try it out and see how it works though if there is interest.

50 Responses

  1. Thus so far, haven’t had any major issues with Tinseltown.
    My only qualms about it are aesthetic in nature.
    I wouldn’t mind if you rounded off the Address bar.
    And maybe the Google Toolbar Search pad, too.

  2. Jim Powell says:

    Tinseltown is a terrific theme. I would vote for larger icons. I’m willing to sacrifice a little screen real estate in the name of Holiday Spirit!

  3. dimbulb1024 says:

    You did an amazing job on this theme. I haven’t found one thing that bothers me. I am telling everyone about it.
    Way to go!

  4. david says:

    I’ve been using it for a week and it’s fantastic, would only hope you update it so it continues to work on Firefox 3.

  5. Laetitia says:

    Could you please make a Tinseltown-theme for Thunderbird???

    Now I have a great Christmas-spirited-desktop and browser bun none for my email…. :-‘(

    The theme is awesome!!!

  6. Thomas says:

    Thanks all for the feedback.

    Steven- A rounded URL bar would be nice, but I’m not sure I want it as rounded as the Google search bar. And, if it was just slightly round, would that look bad?

    Jim – Larger icons probably won’t happen. They are nice icons though.

    David – No Firefox 3 support this year. I just don’t have time.

    Laetitia – I’ve tried creating Thunderbird themes and it just didn’t work out. Sorry.

  7. Didi says:

    I’ve just installed Tinseltown, GREAT! Beautiful how the tabs and background blend into eachother. You’ve got a fan in The Netherlands!!

  8. Ryan says:

    Love this theme and have been spreading the word! I really hope you’ll continue to support it in Firefox 3 once your schedule allows!

  9. Elle Rayne says:

    I love this theme, especially the snowflakes. However, the lights that appear when an item is highlighted in the Add-Ons window sometimes make it hard to read the text. Perhaps if they were a little lighter. Otherwise, I wouldn’t change a thing! Great job.

  10. Kathy Crowell says:

    I may be late in sending this email since your theme of Tinseltown was made back in 1999. But I had to let you know, your theme is the BEST one out there ! No kidding, I’m not interested in sports and it seems that that is all that people are offering.
    My suggestion is: could you please make other themes to match the holidays, (eg. Valentines, Easter, 4th of July etc.)
    Anyway, you do GREAT work and keep it up! Also hoping you do add more themes.

  11. Matt says:

    I love this theme and have used it through the past two winters.

    The only suggestion I can think of is to improve the readability in some areas. For instance, it’s hard to read download stats when a running download is selected. Little things like that. Other than that, it’s a great theme and the only one I still use besides the default Fx theme. Thanks for the great work!

  12. Thomas says:

    Kathy – Tinseltown was created just last year. 😉

    Matt – Good ideas, I’ll have to keep that in mind when creating a version for Firefox 3 next year.

  13. Bud says:

    I have used this for two years,
    but for my eyes,
    I need it to be a bit larger like the everyday theme that I use called sphere gnome big.
    Can you make it larger, like the icons and the text sizes and such and the red X’s on the tabs,they’re not red, they’re gray.

  14. Tyrel says:

    Very nice Theme. I like it a lot.

    My only qualms are perhaps first that when I right click, the menu is the same colour as the text, so I can’t see it. I have to roll the mouse over an option to read it. I can’t believe this hasn’t bothered anyone else though, so perhaps it’s something particular to me.

    Other than that, this Theme is awesome, and I’m telling people about it.

    Very nice.

  15. lizanne says:

    Tinseltown is my FAVORITE theme of all the Firefox themes. It really put me in the Christmas spirit… ‘Course with Christmas now over I am looking for a Winter/Snow theme…. Have any? Can’t find any on the Firefox site…

    I hope you do more holiday themes (Valentine’s, St. Patty’s, 4th of July). Keep up the good work!

  16. Thomas says:

    For other holidays, check out Personas

  17. Bilious Prudence says:

    Loved Tinseltown. Great work. Hope you’ll find time to update it for 3.0!

  18. BellaDragon says:

    This is the only theme I use and I was DEVASTATED to find that it was incompatible with FF3 (I have worked around this for now) so I am begging for you to please please please update this to be compatible with FF3 🙂 FYI, I am running Tinseltown on FF3 and so far the only thing I have noticed that doesn’t seem to work:is the X button is missing on open tabs, however fight click brings option to close tab so for now I will continue to close them this way 🙂 Thankyou for the BEST theme ever created 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Thomas says:

    You’re running Tinseltown on Firefox 3?! Really? Do post a screenshot.

  20. BellaDragon says:

    *WARNING: This fix is NOT ecommended for all, please be very careful before making these kinds of changes.*

    To be honest I have no idea how to post a screenshot. However, I can tell you how I was able to use it in FF3. I found this out in another forum that actually has nothing to do with FF3, however here is what I did (as instructed) : open a new tab or open FF3 with no site in address bar; in address bar, type about:config (exactly as written) then on the menu (right hand side, weird looking icon above scroll bar) right click and select “new” then “boolean”; in the pop-up window that comes up, type: extensions.checkCompatibility ; then select “false” ; restart FF3 and all non-working plug-ins, themes, etc will work 🙂 Doing this WILL bring up a warning window, warning about violating warranties and what-not, just click the button that says something about yes, I’ll be careful. This unfortunately can make some plug-ins, themes, etc unstable, so I just kept reverting back to full FF3, uninstalled what did not function correctly and were NOT updated to work in FF3 (all updated plug-ins & themes I have were not affected), restarted FF3, went back to about:config; and just kept doing this until everything a seemed stable. I do not guarantee this will work for everyone, however I have only had a problem with the X not showing on tabs (to close) and icons not always showing in tabs as they used to (some show). Minor issues as far as I’m concerned as long as I can have my Tinseltown back. It may sound lame, childish or even infantile, but I simple cannot live/browse without Tinseltown 😀 I love having the Christmas cheer all year round and this is by far the BEST theme I have tried, I simple LOVE it 🙂

  21. BellaDragon says:

    Ok, add to the list of non-functioning “bits”, when downloading a file, no download information is showing at all, until the file has finished downloading. Once done, the options to open or clean-up are not present, but the file information still shows. As long as the download itself still works (which it did), I’m still happy to keep the hobbling-along Tinseltown. If I suffer any severe problems I will post details 🙂 And while I’m at it I must apologise for my typo’s, I hate them but they submitted before I saw them 🙂

  22. RUSH1LIMBAUGH says:

    Excuse me for asking in this manner, but ahhhh……any apparent reason as to WHY this theme isn’t updated for FireFox 3.0??

  23. Christine Swim says:

    Please make tinseltown for Firefox3. My family and myself love this theme and use it for 4-5 mos. of the year. If I had known that this was going to be a problem, I would not have upgraded to 3. Please, please upgrade.

    Thanks so much,
    the Swim family

  24. Christine Swim says:

    Also, we can not think of anything to make the Tinseltown theme any better. It is the best theme!!! Anyone that comes to the house and sees the theme loves it. Please, please make it compatible with FF3. Thank you so very much,
    the Swim family 🙂

  25. kmymymy says:

    I can’t update FireFox without this theme!!
    Please make for 3.0 , please.

  26. Carmelo R. says:

    Please make this theme for Fire Fox 3. There is another of Halloween that you made that it’s doesn’t work with the 3.0 version. 🙁


  27. DOC says:

    Hey Thomas,
    I do understand where you’re coming from with regard to the few that belittle you with bad comments. You’ve design numerous excellent themes and folks look at and expect you to be this ‘big time’ pro that can create designs over night. When you tell us that you believe that Tinseltown will may be ready for download in November, I strongly believe in you that you’re doing your best as you are aware of the holidays and the expectations of your fans. Keep up the great work Thomas and continued success!

    PS. Remember, your fans do appreciate your themes!!

  28. Lee says:

    We have really been enjoying your Tinseltown theme for Firefox on all our computers over the holidays each year. If you wanted suggestions about appearance – perhaps a snowman or candy cane could be added some where, not too sure as we all like it just the way it is. We have never had any problems with it functioning either. Runs well.

  29. BellaDragon says:

    Yay!! I am so happy now 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Thankyou for this quick update, runs smooth, looks good, has the familiar feel about it that I love. And just when I finally found out how to do a screenshot LOL 😀 thanks again for you brilliant work 🙂

  30. Steva says:

    I love the theme. I’ve had one problem, not sure if it is related but my auto filler for forms no longer works. I just have a gray bar below ie my name. But if I select it, nothing fills in the form? I would love for this to work as I fill out a lot of contest. It worked perfectly with my previous theme. Please let me know if it is perhaps something that I’ve done and can fix.

  31. Thomas says:

    It’s something I need to fix Steva.

  32. Steva says:

    ok that’s ok by me. Keep up the good work! It’s really no big deal. I can use practice on my typing skills anyway.

  33. Hana says:

    i just like to say thank you for this safe Firefox website

  34. Chris says:

    Per your request under contact me, Ill post here. All I can say is you did an outstanding job updating this theme for FF3. Thank you for your hard work and dedication you provide to the FF community.

    Also, I read the post you had on someone emailing you to do your f***ing job. I know you reazlize there are bad apples out there, but please do not let those folks weigh you down. I’m more than sure for every one of those jerks out there you have tons more appreciating your work. Thanks again!!

  35. I have Tinseltown on my Firefox 3. Is there a way to make the navigation words (file,edit,view, etc.) larger? I have not found a way in preferences or anywhere so just wondered. I always need to increase text size a bit where I can due to vision problems.

  36. betty says:

    loooooooove this theme. it’s never too early to be celebrating the holidays.

    I have one question though about the merging of the theme with a white background page–I can’t seem to get it to work. Is it my own issue? A widespread issue?

  37. Thomas says:

    @betty – The latest version should have it working, however it could depend on what toolbars or if you have tabs open.

  38. Thomas says:

    @Judith – I think the font sizes are set by the operating system. I can poke around in a few files though.

  39. B. says:

    Dear Thomas, in your blog you said that you like to make people happy. You have certainly made me happy with the most beautiful fx theme EVER ie. the “Tinseltown” at the most appropriate time of the year.
    Thank you so much.

    Ps. So far I have installed the “Pink” too. It is fabulous but at Christmas time, I enjoy the “Tinseltown” more.
    Happy Christmas.

  40. Ken Bachner says:

    Great theme, as you know. The only thing missing in the latest version is the candy cane bar on the bottom when the splash screen from “Splash” when loading Firefox. It was there on previous versions of Tinsletown. Otherwise, just terrific. Thank you.

  41. zville123 says:

    OK, I feel like a dingaling asking, but I can’t figure out to switch the theme back to what I usually use. I can’t find a theme button, just one for add-ons. Really don’t want to totally redo my Firefox to lose the Christmas theme.

  42. Maureen Arnold says:

    I love this theme. Do you think you would ever do more holiday themes, like for New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc., etc.? Would be great to have more holidays available, and you’ve done such a good job with Tinseltown.
    The other theme type I would like to see is one based on horses, particularly Appaloosas.

  43. Harm says:

    I am a great fan of Tinseltown theme. And i love to use mozilla apps. I would love it if you can make this theme for Thunderbird for nex year.
    Would it not be nise if your mailclient is also in a Christmas sphere?

    With thanks.

  44. Thomas says:

    No new themes, holidays or Thunderbird, are in the plans at this time.

  45. Thomas says:

    @ zville123 did you get your theme back?

  46. Ace says:

    1st I would like to say Great Job Guys, Tinseltown is my fav. Christmas Theme, I cant wait till I can use it.
    Can we have animated Snowfall pls?
    There was a Christmas Theme in the Past for older Versions with animated Snow.
    Also a nice Idea is a Counter who told you, how many Days left to Christmas.
    Like the Brand Thunder Theme.
    That would make Tinseltown perfect.
    Hi from germany

  47. Kevin says:

    Cute, but too complicated for my simplistic blood – upgraded to FF3 after installing – now I can’t uninstall the darn thing. How do I get rid of it? I go to add-ons, select uninstall, and it goes away. next restart of FF, “new addons installed” and THERE IT IS AGAIN. IT WILL NOT GO AWAY. NOW WHAT? I’m using another “skin” now, but I resent any software which will not go quietly when asked… HELP!

    • Thomas says:

      If it doesn’t go away when hitting the un-install button than I don’t know. I’ve never seen a theme stick around after its been un-installed. Maybe upgrade to the latest version and then try to un-install.

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