Works in Firefox 2 & 3

Plurk Firefox SidebarI recently discovered Plurk.  A micro-blogging site much like Twitter, only with more features, a cool layout and that headless thing!

I’m a fan of the interactive and innovative timeline of posts.  However some people feel the timeline is a bit busy and go for the simplified mobile version.  So I decided to take a bit of code and put the mobile version in Firefox’s sidebar for easy access.

The Plurk Mobile Sidebar comes complete with Firefox 2 & 3 support, a headless thing button for your toolbar and a keyboard shortcut.  The actual features of the Plurk sidebar application are under Plurks control.

[Updated] Now works up to Firefox 3.9.*.

Download the Plurk Mobile Sidebar extension.

To install: Download the extension to your desktop. Then go to Tools -> Add-ons and drag plurk1.2.xpi to your add-ons window. It’ll install and you’ll have to restart Firefox.

To use: Go to View -> Sidebar -> Plurk Mobile Sidebar, or hit control+alt+p, or customize your menu bar to add the Plurk button.


Also available are the Socialthing and Facebook sidebars.