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Google Analytics Extension Upgraded

Just a quick note to say that the Is Google Analytics Installed? Firefox extension recently has been updated to work with Google’s new asynchronous tracking code. It should now work for all versions of Google’s code. And, if Google doesn’t drastically change the analytics tracking in the future, it should continue to work well for […]

yExplore Comes To Google Chrome

yExplore for Google Chrome is now available! It adds quick access to search engine, and social media, information about the page, or domain, you are viewing. yExplore is helpful for finding out information on your own site or doing competitive research on someone else’s. yExplore includes shortcuts to: Google Backlinks InIndex Cache Yahoo Backlinks InIndex […]

yExplore 2.1 Now With More SEO and Web Developer Love

yExplore 2.1 has been released with loads of new shortcuts for SEOs and web developers! yExplore still offers quick and easy access to Yahoo Site Explorer, but now also offers: Google Backlinks, Inindex, Cache – So you can see how the site has progressed over the years. Bing Inindex Delicious saves for a domain. […]

GA? – Google Anlytics Extension – Turns 1.0

I finally dug into GA? and figured out how to take it to the next level! GA? now checks the entire HTML page to see if it contains Google Analytics code.  Prior to 1.0, it only checked for analytics code within the body of a page. GA? is a Firefox extension that automatically detects if […]

Plurk Firefox Sidebar [Updated x2]

I recently discovered Plurk.  A micro-blogging site much like Twitter, only with more features, a cool layout and that headless thing! I’m a fan of the interactive and innovative timeline of posts.  However some people feel the timeline is a bit busy and go for the simplified mobile version.  So I decided to take a […]

iPhone Facebook Sidebar for Firefox

In the past, I’ve talked about how to open Facebook in the sidebar of Firefox. Now, I’ve taken that idea one step farther and created a Firefox extension. The iPhone Facebook Sidebar extension opens Facebook’s iPhone page and allows you to keep tabs on your friends, update your status, message people and accept friend requests. […]

Google Analytics Extension Updated

The new version of GA? has been released. The Google Analytics detector now re-checks each page as you switch between tabs to ensure the status bar icon is kept up to date. This was a big enhancement for me as I’ve always got multiple tabs open. However, with advancements comes a few more bug reports. […]

Review my latest Firefox Extensions

If you’ve tried out GA? or Google Personalized Search Switch, please take a moment to either add a comment over at the extension’s page on the Mozilla Addon site (they are in the sandbox) or on the individual blog posts. The reviews will help me get them onto the public Addon site faster and out […]

Is Google Analytics Installed? – GA? Firefox Extension

  To get the best results out of Google Analytics, you need to ensure it’s installed on each page of a website. To automatically check for you, I’ve created a Firefox extension to do all the work. GA? will put a little icon in the status bar of your Firefox web browser. It will then […]

Google Personalized Search Switch for Firefox

Have you ever wanted to turn Google Personalized Search on or off without logging out of your Google account? Well now you can with the Google Personalized Search Switch for Firefox. Google Personalized Search Switch is a Firefox extension that adds the ability to turn on and off Google’s personalized search results by just clicking […]