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Google Personalized Search Switch for Firefox

Have you ever wanted to turn Google Personalized Search on or off without logging out of your Google account? Well now you can with the Google Personalized Search Switch for Firefox.

Google Personalized Search Switch

Google Personalized Search Switch is a Firefox extension that adds the ability to turn on and off Google’s personalized search results by just clicking on the icon in the status bar.

When you want personalized search results turned off, click on the eyes and close them. The extension will then add the pre-defined Google variable, &pws=0, to the URL of any future Google web searches. There is no need for you to log out of your Google account.

When you want personalized search back on, simply click the eyes in the status bar and the extension will remove the custom variable from future web searches.

If your eyes are grayed out, then it appears that you are not logged into your Google account.

The Google Personalized Search Switch extension is still in development. Any comments on how to make it better, or bug reports, are very welcome.


Developed and tested on a Mac running Firefox 2.x. Works well on Windows too. Unsure of how well it work in Firefox versions less or greater than 2.x.

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