SpyMac LogoI can remember a few years ago when SpyMac was all the rage. It was a very up-and-coming Mac community that tried to do everything and with style. Now it seems like a social media crash site.

I guess classic SpyMac is a better representation of what it use to be. It was a huge Mac community with pretty good web hosting options, free email with tons of space and a decent forum community. It seemed to have a lot of drive, dedicated people and a large user base.

Now, when you visit the SpyMac homepage, the only decent looking aspect is the logo. The rest of the site has gone to crap.

It’s now all focused around some money making, “you wanna be a star” scheme. It seems that you can upload your videos and pictures in order to win cash and prizes.

I guess SpyMac is just a blast from the past. A Mac community that couldn’t say above the water and has since sold out to other interests. No longer is it a community of style and Mac enthusiasts, but rather a social dumping ground. I guess there’s a reason I forgot all about it.