To get the best results out of Google Analytics, you need to ensure it’s installed on each page of a website. To automatically check for you, I’ve created a Firefox extension to do all the work.

Google Analytics Check

GA? will put a little icon in the status bar of your Firefox web browser. It will then check each page you load to to see if it has Google Analytics installed. If so, it’ll show a colored bar chart. If Google Analytics doesn’t appear to be installed, it’ll show a gray bar chart.

This is a handy little tool if you have a smaller website, if want to do a spot check on a handful of pages or if you want to ensure that certain pages are being tracked.

Works with Firefox 1.5 to 5.

Known Issues:
1. It doesn’t currently re-check for each tab or window you cycle through. It only checks the page that completed loading last. Updates are planned for it to refresh per window or tab focus.  : Version 0.5 updates on tab change.

2. It doesn’t detect Google Analytics code put in the head of the document.  It only searches the body of each page. Working in version 1.0.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

GA? can be downloaded at Mozilla’s Addon site.

Developed and tested on a Mac running Firefox 2.x & 3. Works well on Windows too. Unsure of how well it work in Firefox versions less than 2.x.