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I got dumped by Google. Now what?

I can still remember when Google and I were BFFs. I spent my time creating content and feeding Google. In return, Google sent me traffic. We were both happy and things were good. Then, without notice, Google dumped me. Now I didn’t cheat on Google and I wasn’t doing spammy things behind their back. I […]

New Google Image Search kills my traffic.

I have more than a few sites and some of them are very image heavy. With the old Google Image Search, I was able to break users out of Google and send them to my sites. This increased their chances of seeing my site, my other content, and my ads. However, with the latest Google […]

New Google Analytics goals appear to be delayed by more than a few hours.

I’m a big fan of Google Analytics, but there are just things that don’t work well. I’ve recently been setting up goals for a client and one day they didn’t work and the next day they would. It was frustrating but I eventually came to the conclusion that new Google Analytics goals must have some […]

GA? and yExplore are now Firefox 6 compatible.

I received emails from Mozilla today that stated GA? – Is Google Analytics Installed and yExplore are compatible with Firefox 6. Man these releases are moving fast. The good news is that my extensions don’t require any updating to work in the new releases; well not yet anyway. I just sit back and let Mozilla do all the […]

GA? and yExplore are now Firefox 5 ready.

I received emails from Mozilla yesterday that stated GA? – Is Google Analytics Installed and yExplore are compatible with Firefox 5. So I’ve updated the version numbers in the extensions and they are ready to go. As a bonus, GA? also works in Firefox 4 now too. 🙂 Enjoy!

Google Analytics Extension Upgraded

Just a quick note to say that the Is Google Analytics Installed? Firefox extension recently has been updated to work with Google’s new asynchronous tracking code. It should now work for all versions of Google’s code. And, if Google doesn’t drastically change the analytics tracking in the future, it should continue to work well for […]

GA? – Google Anlytics Extension – Turns 1.0

I finally dug into GA? and figured out how to take it to the next level! GA? now checks the entire HTML page to see if it contains Google Analytics code.  Prior to 1.0, it only checked for analytics code within the body of a page. GA? is a Firefox extension that automatically detects if […]

GA? Upgraded to work with new Google Analytics code.

Google Analytics recently updated their tracking code. In doing so, my GA? Firefox extension didn’t recognize the newer code. However, with a few new lines of code, the GA? Firefox extension works with the old and new Google tracking code. Thanks to those who wrote in requesting the update. It really helps me get a […]

Google Analytics Extension Updated

The new version of GA? has been released. The Google Analytics detector now re-checks each page as you switch between tabs to ensure the status bar icon is kept up to date. This was a big enhancement for me as I’ve always got multiple tabs open. However, with advancements comes a few more bug reports. […]

Sweet Look of Google Analytics on AIR

Google Analytics is a great program, but add in Adobe AIR and it becomes even better with the Google Analytics Reporting Suite module. It’s a stand alone application that gives you direct access into your Google Analytics account with a few great features thrown in. The first thing I love is the ability to have […]