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Is Google Analytics Installed? – GA? Firefox Extension

  To get the best results out of Google Analytics, you need to ensure it’s installed on each page of a website. To automatically check for you, I’ve created a Firefox extension to do all the work. GA? will put a little icon in the status bar of your Firefox web browser. It will then […]

7 Stats Programs For Your Blog or Website

I’ve been testing and testing site stats ever since Mint 2 came out. I didn’t really want to pay for the upgrade so I ran though a few different services and put them though the tests. I was looking for a quick way to access my visitor stats and in the end, Mint is the […]

Google Analytics Goals Confuse Me

I’ve been playing around with Google Analytics’ goals recently and I don’t quite get how they work. They sound easy enough, but yet, they are very confusing. For example, when you add your goal, it says e.g. But on the ‘My site’s pages are dynamically generated. How do I set up funnels and goals?’ […]