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Google Analytics Goals Confuse Me

I’ve been playing around with Google Analytics’ goals recently and I don’t quite get how they work. They sound easy enough, but yet, they are very confusing.

For example, when you add your goal, it says e.g. But on the ‘My site’s pages are dynamically generated. How do I set up funnels and goals?’ page it shows (no http://) and on the expressions page it shows www\.google\.com.

So which is it?

Also, on the expressions page there are 11 expressions available. However none of them have a very good examples or explanations. I guess if I were a hardcore programmer these would make more sense. But what about for the more average person?

So here are my questions.

  1. What is the correct way of putting in a url?
  2. What is the correct way of tracking a URL that includes a session ID or other variable on the end that always changes?
  3. How do you track a URL that can change in the middle.
    Example: where 14 could be any number.
  4. With funnels, how can I track anyone who enters the store from the iPod page and completes an order when I have no idea how many products they will look at in-between?
  5. How can I track if someone comes from Sams site to mine and fills out a form or orders a product?

I’m sure Google Analytics goals can do all this, but the documentation is very vague or over my head.  I understand how to track a basic page, but funnels and dynamic pages confuse me.  If you know of a good tutorial, that’s not to technical, I’d love to read it.

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  1. I don’t know… I am in the same boat as you! So I am going to subscribe to this post and wait until someone can answer this.

  2. Michael VAil says:

    Is there a google analytics flash tutorial somewhere? I view the analytics
    and feel lost, so my backup is

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