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Sweet Look of Google Analytics on AIR

Google Analytics is a great program, but add in Adobe AIR and it becomes even better with the Google Analytics Reporting Suite module. It’s a stand alone application that gives you direct access into your Google Analytics account with a few great features thrown in.

The first thing I love is the ability to have multiple profiles.

Analytics Profiles

I have a handful of profiles and where as switching between each one isn’t to difficult in Google Analytics, it is a bit tedious. With Google Analytics Reporting Suite, I can save profiles (aka bookmarks) for each account I want to access. Then I just double click and I’m in. No more having to load the GA website, enter a password, choose a profile then a site and then getting to the stats. This is just so much simpler.

Then, once you’re in the layout is a bit different and the look is new too.


I’m not saying it’s better but it’s not bad and grows on you. I like it a little more each day.

One of the nice features inside is that it records every area you click in a tab. That way you can cruise your analytics account and easily backup to previous areas.

GA Tabs

I have to say I was skeptical at first, but Google Analytics Reporting Suite running on Adobe AIR is a great application. It allows you to quickly access your stats and get the data you want easily. To make it even better, it runs on Mac and Windows, so go check it out!

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