// Images lost. Sorry. Zooomr ate them. Comment below if you want me to dig them back up. //

Looking for a nice Halloween desktop picture? Well I threw a few together. Nothing to crazy, but simple and sweet. All desktops are created with free fonts found at DaFont.com.

Candy Go Crazy – Download Large
Fonts: Crazy Killer & Bumpkins

Happy Halloween – Download Large
Fonts: Halloween Borders & Bleeding Cowboys

Happy Pumpkin – Download Large
Font: Bumpkins

Purple Cats – Download Large
Font: Halloweenies Demo

Skeleton Actor – Download Large
Font: Dancing Dead

Square Halloween – Download Large
Font: Trick or Treat BV

Trick or Treat – Download Large
Fonts: Trick or Treat BV & Seriffic Grunge

Vines – Download Large
Font: Halloween Borders

Trick or Eat – Download Large
Fonts: Loserboi Grunge & No Fear

All desktops are 1440 x 900 as that’s what my iMac screen is set to. That should be big enough for most and it should shrink down nicely too for those with smaller screens.

A big thanks to the font developers and DaFont.com.

Also, check out HalloFF if you’re looking for a Halloween Firefox Theme!