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Mac Like Firefox Themes

If you’ve ever wanted a good Firefox theme to match the look of your Mac a bit more, there are lots of developers out there trying to make this happen.

The best one, if you are actually on a Mac, is probably GrApple by Aronnax. His attention to detail is amazing. Other good choices are Pinstripe (again Mac only), iSafari and iAqua, my own creation.

However, there are many many more choices out there. Mozilla Taiwan has a forum thread going with screen shots and download links for many other alternatives. Some look pretty good and some are, oddly enough, not very Mac friendly.

If you try any, let us know how well they work. I tried Castripe which turned out to be a pretty decent theme.

And, believe it or not, Mozilla may actually be creating a Safari like theme for the Mac version of Firefox 3. The mockups don’t look to bad, but it’s not quite the polished Mac look and feel that Apple makes. I’m sure they’ll iron out those details though.

So what’s your favorite Mac like Firefox theme?

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  1. Hostile Fork says:

    Hi there!

    I thought you might be interested in something I did (or you might want to improve it further). As iAqua currently doesn’t draw the little curved indentations on the buttons or nestle into a top curvature at the end of the thumb, I tinkered around until I figured out how to do that:

    Someone handier with bitmap editing than I am might be able to get the pixels all perfect, but I just wanted to do “about as good a job as MacFox II does” (it handles the case where the scroll buttons are at the top and the bottom, and I used those graphics for that case.)

    Any feedback you can offer would be helpful. Thanks!

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