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Have you seen Samantha?

Olaf has been looking for Samantha. Have you seen her? This Frozen 2 wallpaper (2880 × 1800) can help you remember to keep looking. Not sure how we know if we find her, but it can’t hurt to ask around. And if you haven’t seen Frozen 2, here’s the clip of Olaf looking for Samantha.

WordPress Ugly Christmas Sweater Wallpapers

There’s something about ugly Christmas sweaters that are pretty cool. I think these wallpapers look warm and fuzzy. Perfect for the WordPress fan in your life. Even better, keep them on all winter long to keep your machine nice and happy throughout the winter. If you’re looking for something for your phone, head over here. […]

WordCamp Minneapolis at Night – Wallpaper

I was playing around with the Minneapolis WordCamp 2014 artwork and came up with what I feel is a starry Minnesota night. Full Size Download – 3264 x 2448 – 628k Granted, this version isn’t as crisp as it could be since it originated from a photo I took of my shirt, but I like it. I […]

iOS7 Christmas Wallpapers

I created two iOS7 Christmas wallpapers for this holiday season. The first has snowflakes, candy canes, stockings, Santa’s hat and some Christmas trees. The second is yummy candy canes. Enjoy!

WordPress Feature – Snow – Just Enable It

One of the lesser known WordPress features is snow. Yep, snow. If you head over to your settings page and scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a checkbox for snow. Check the box, save changes and check out your site. Snow will now be falling. Oddly enough, it only goes until January 4th and I’ve […]

Let It Snow Mat Wallpaper

We have a pretty cool Christmas snowman doormat and thought that it’d make a nice desktop wallpaper too. So I took a picture. Instead of re-sizing it, I just uploaded the full size picture (3264 x 2448) for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to re-size it as you need to. You can grab it on […]

Happy Happy Halloween Green Wallpaper

Are you looking for a cool Halloween wallpaper? Maybe one that is green and says Happy Halloween all over it? If so, then I’ve created the one for you! You can download it here and enjoy it as much as you’d like.

Sheldon Cooper – Glee Club Member

What do you get when Sheldon Cooper joins Glee club? I’m not sure but it can’t be good.  However a showdown between Sheldon and Sue Sylvester would be entertaining. This Sheldon Cooper Glee wallpaper was created by Kaineiribas and can be obtained from DeviantArt.