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yExplore Comes To Google Chrome

yExplore Google Chrome

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yExplore for Google Chrome is now available!

It adds quick access to search engine, and social media, information about the page, or domain, you are viewing.

yExplore is helpful for finding out information on your own site or doing competitive research on someone else’s.

yExplore includes shortcuts to:

  • Google
    • Backlinks
    • InIndex
    • Cache
  • Yahoo
    • Backlinks
    • InIndex
  • Bing
    • InIndex
  • Delicious Saves
  • StumbleUpon Stumbles
  • Compete Information
  • BackType Social Information
  • PostRank Social Information
  • Flashbacks
  • Robots.txt Quick Access
  • Text Only View
  • Whois Info

If you liked it on Firefox, you’ll love it on Chrome.

Also, the Firefox version of yExplore has been updated with new services too.

Download yExplore for Google Chrome

Please report any issues, or services you’d like added, in the comments below.

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