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GA? and yExplore are now Firefox 6 compatible.

I received emails from Mozilla today that stated GA? – Is Google Analytics Installed and yExplore are compatible with Firefox 6. Man these releases are moving fast. The good news is that my extensions don’t require any updating to work in the new releases; well not yet anyway. I just sit back and let Mozilla do all the […]

GA? and yExplore are now Firefox 5 ready.

I received emails from Mozilla yesterday that stated GA? – Is Google Analytics Installed and yExplore are compatible with Firefox 5. So I’ve updated the version numbers in the extensions and they are ready to go. As a bonus, GA? also works in Firefox 4 now too. 🙂 Enjoy!

yExplore Comes To Google Chrome

yExplore for Google Chrome is now available! It adds quick access to search engine, and social media, information about the page, or domain, you are viewing. yExplore is helpful for finding out information on your own site or doing competitive research on someone else’s. yExplore includes shortcuts to: Google Backlinks InIndex Cache Yahoo Backlinks InIndex […]

yExplore 2.0 For Firefox Now Live

It took two months and a few rounds of revisions, but yExplore 2.0 for Firefox has been made public on the Mozilla Add-ons site! Check out all the new features here and let me know what you’d like added.

yExplore 2.1 Now With More SEO and Web Developer Love

yExplore 2.1 has been released with loads of new shortcuts for SEOs and web developers! yExplore still offers quick and easy access to Yahoo Site Explorer, but now also offers: Google Backlinks, Inindex, Cache – So you can see how the site has progressed over the years. Bing Inindex Delicious saves for a domain. […]

Weekend Update: Firefox 3, TV, Software and More

I thought I’d write a random post with some of what’s on my mind this weekend. I’m now running Firefox 3 betas thanks to MultiFireFox. MidnightFox was updated the other day with incorrect buttons.  Oops.  That has been re-uploaded and should be made public soon. yExplore and GA? have been updated for Firefox 3. Actually, […]

yExplore 1.6 Fixes Bug

If you use yExplore, you may have noticed that it’s stopped working properly lately. This is due to a change made by Yahoo Site Explorer. The good news is it’s been fixed! yExplore 1.6.1 has been updated and released! The new version updates the domain URL structure to work correctly with the updated Yahoo Site […]

Firefox – Innovations for Better Surfing T-Shirt

Last night I arrived home to a package. Inside was my official Firefox developers t-shirt. I remember logging into my developer account at Mozilla and getting a note saying that I qualified for a free t-shirt since I had created an extension (yExplore) for Firefox 2. Fast forward a few months and here it is. […]

Getting Extensions to Work with Firefox 2

Firefox 2 is now in release candidate 2 so people are giving a whirl left and right. Even I’ve tried it but I’ll save my mini-review for later. One issue that people have is that their extensions don’t work. Then they complain to the Firefox team which does no good. What you really need to […]

yExplore 1.5 Released

Checkout the yExplore page for the latest updates to the Firefox & Flock extension. Here is a quick preview of what’s new: