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Firefox – Innovations for Better Surfing T-Shirt

Last night I arrived home to a package. Inside was my official Firefox developers t-shirt.

I remember logging into my developer account at Mozilla and getting a note saying that I qualified for a free t-shirt since I had created an extension (yExplore) for Firefox 2. Fast forward a few months and here it is.

Firefox Shirt Front

Firefox Shirt Back

Even though it’s a chilly 2 degrees out, I think I’ll wear it anyway.

Thanks Firefox team!!

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  1. Bob says:

    I love Firefox. I have not used Microsoft’s Internet Explorer since I installed Firefox three years ago. I get less pop-up ads and problems with viruses, it’s just a miracle Internet browser. I wonder if there is any way for people who love and support Firefox to get a T-shirt to help advertise for them? Even though it is now summer, and constantly raining where I am, I would proudly wear a Firefox shirt through all of the seasons if they would let me have one. Hell, I love them so much I would probably even go out and buy one just to support them. I know it sounds a little silly, but anything to rebel against the corporate Microsoft is really a plus for me. In short, I’m glad that you got such a cool shirt, and I’m actually a little envious that you get to sport the Firefox logo, even if you are dong it in the freezing cold.

  2. Bob says:

    Wow! Cool! I love the color and the designs/prints. As a developer how long did it take you to work as such before you qualified for this shirt? How did you get this? Did they send it to you or what?

    Anyway, what’s yExplore all about? I’m also a FF user and I’ve been using it for almost four years now.

  3. Steve says:

    For an avid FF user like me, I’ll be really proud to wear one of these cool shirts. How do you get one of these anyway? I’ve always dreamt of becoming a FF developer. But I don’t think I have the expertise to qualify as one. But anyway I’m glad that FF has served me with very little headaches for the past couple of years of working as a webmaster.

  4. Tim says:

    Sweet t-shirt, where abouts did you get this? Might as well hang out for the version 3 shirt though!

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