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PinkHope 0.7 – Firefox Theme

PinkHope 0.7 was quietly updated last night and will soon be live at Mozilla’s official addon site.


New in this version is some great icons from Ken Saunders. He put a lot of work into them and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Not all are complete yet, but for the most part, it’s looking good.

Other updates include pink folders and fixing the color on random items like the feed screen.

So what’s missing? Well originality. I think PinkHope looks great, however it’s to close to iPox for me. I’m always thinking of ways to make PinkHope it’s own theme and not just a modification of iPox. I feel as if it needs something to make it stand out on its own, but I’m not sure what that is yet. I don’t want to add much more pink as that may over-do it. I can’t see using another color at this time either. If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share. 🙂

6 Responses

  1. Brittany says:

    I really like the pink hope firefox theme, but I was wondering if you could make it larger. Thanks

  2. Thomas says:

    I have no plans on making the theme larger. Do you have your buttons set on large? View -> Toolbars -> Customize

  3. Louise says:

    Hi, i really love the idea of the breast cancer skin, but am really not into pink. Are you able to make a bright purple coloured one? Such as the colour of the refresh button on the Midnight Fox skin? Thanks

  4. Thomas says:

    Louise – I’ll keep other colors in mind but pink is the color of breast cancer awareness.

  5. Dorota says:

    Hi, I love this theme!
    Can You do something like that for Thunderbird…? =)

  6. Thomas says:

    Dorota – I have no plans for Thunderbird themes at this time.

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