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yExplore for Flock

yExplore has been updated to work with Flock. Now if you are on the cutting edge, like I am :), and are running Flock as your primary browser, you can install and run yExplore with no issues. You can get yExplore for Firefox or Flock at Mozilla’s Add-ons site.

yExplore Adds Firefox 2 & 3 Support

yExplore has been updated to version 1.2 adding support for Firefox 2 and Firefox 3. Since it’s a basic extension, and doesn’t tie into much that will change a lot, I thought it was safe to add the additional support. It has been tested by a friend in the latest version of Firefox so now […]

yExplore Updated for Better Results

It took much longer than expected to get approved by Mozilla, the approval line must be really long, but yExplore 1.1beta is now out! yExplore 1.1beta changes the URL structure that access’ Yahoo Site Explorer. It’ll now give you the most accurate data right away. The change is is in response to my odd Yahoo […]

Yahoo Site Explorer Lies

I’m not sure for how long, but I run a bunch of sites though Yahoo Site Explorer each month to track inlinks and indexed pages and this month my numbers were way off from previous months. It seems, that by default, Yahoo Site Explorer is setup to count inlinks from all URLs (including the one […]

TwisterMc Themes, Plugins, Extensions and Requirements

I’ve been adding quite a bit of software to my site in the past weeks. There is now two WordPress plugins, two Firefox themes and a Firefox extension. However, one complaint I see is that it doesn’t work for version x. My Firefox addons were built to work in today’s official build. Not the 1.0.x […]

yExplore : Quickly Access Yahoo Site Explorer

yExplore is a Firefox, Netscape & Flock extension to quickly access Yahoo Site Explorer. yExplore 2 has been released! Click for details. The yExplore 1.6 update brings updates to match updates to Yahoo Site Explorer, better Flock support and added Netscape 9 support. The yExplore 1.5 update included two options. yExplore the domain or a […]