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Getting Extensions to Work with Firefox 2

Firefox IconFirefox 2 is now in release candidate 2 so people are giving a whirl left and right. Even I’ve tried it but I’ll save my mini-review for later.

One issue that people have is that their extensions don’t work. Then they complain to the Firefox team which does no good. What you really need to do is contact the extension developers. It’s up to them to update their extensions, not the Firefox team.

For those that can’t wait for a developer to update their extension, you can do a few tricks to update Firefox extensions yourself. It’s not to hard and works great for those extensions that you can’t live without your favorite extensions.

I helped out Glen yesterday and he turned my advice into a blog post that outlines how to update Firefox extensions for Firefox 2.0. The tutorial should work for most extensions, however the more complex the extension is, the less likely this will work.

Ohh and for those wondering, yExplore is good to go for Firefox 2.0.

One more note, if you do this with themes, like iPox, it’ll work, but look bad.  Themes are a separate entity that needs to be updated for each release of Firefox.  I’m working on iPox for Firefox 2.0 but it’s not ready yet.

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  1. zelet says:

    I can’t live without iPox anymore. Do you have a timeline for its release?

    Thanks for all your hard work – and for creating the best FF Theme EVAR!

  2. Thomas says:

    I’ll be releasing a status on the update later today.

  3. Myra says:

    Another way to get extensions to work with Fx 2.0 is to install the MR Tech’s Local Install Extension. This allows you to override any barriers to installation.


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