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HalloFF Released – Sort of.

I uploaded HalloFF to Mozilla yesterday and they excepted it. Much to my surprise, people are liking it. I say surprise because it’s kinda hacked together and I guess there are some white on white issues that I hadn’t seen before. But the reviews are positive so far. Hopefully I can get the white on white fixed before Halloween and the progress bar is not going over well either.

Enjoy HalloFF – a Halloween Firefox Theme (for Firefox 1.5 only)! (removed)

Update: Click the link above for the most updated version. Mozilla won’t approve it because it won’t work with FF2 even though I submitted it a week or more before FF2 was released.

Firefox Halloween Theme

8 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    Very cool FireFox theme. It works on my Mac (I split between Safari and Firefox) as well as the Dell PC here at work. Folks thought it was pretty cool. Great work!

  2. Thomas says:

    It seems to be getting good feedback for a quick theme. 🙂

  3. Alex Grim says:

    I love the Haloween theme, thanks, you beat me to it…

    You’d probably like the theme to my site then (temp page for now), it’s ‘Dark’.
    (NO IE, it can’t render default layout’s alpha png)

  4. Rick says:

    How sad that they won’t approve the updates. It’s quite the nifty theme.

  5. Steven Moncivais says:

    I love this theme! One of my favorite of the iPox hacks. (‘Tis many time better than Tinseltown in my opinion.) And if I read this right, there is a HalloFF for 2.0? Can you say, “wOOt!”?

  6. Thomas says:

    It’s on my to-do list, along with a bunch of other things. 🙂

  7. stephanie says:

    this theme is pretty sweet! i’ll be on the lookout for that 2.0 update 🙂

  8. Thomas says:

    It will be out in March. 🙂

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