Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector We rented Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector over the weekend and found it to be quite enjoyable.

I think that all the bad reviews got our hopes down and when you go into a movie not expecting much, it turns out to be better than you expected.

It was funny and worth our rent. It wasn’t overly crude either even though there are a lot of fart jokes in it. It also reminded me a lot of my family. That’s a good thing.

Just because rednecks don’t like sushi or drive a nice car, doesn’t mean they aren’t great people. And the inside of the Larry-mobile, well lets just say I’ve been in those kinds of vehicles many times.

I’d say it’s worth the rent if you like any of the comedy by Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy or Bill Engvall. Heck, I may even give it for a Christmas present. 🙂