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Anna and the Apocalypse – A bizarre, comedy, horror, musical.

If you’re looking for a movie that has it all, Anna and the Apocalypse might just be that movie. I’m not sure what genre Anna and the Apocalypse falls under but it’s a horror-comedy musical. It has parts that make you laugh out loud, parts that are a bit gory, one inappropriate song about Santa, […]

Frozen Christmas Coloring Pages

My daughter and I were looking for some Christmas coloring pictures to print out and she keep asking for Frozen ones. Since we couldn’t find any, I created some. These are just mash-ups of other images I found. I just tossed a few things together and now we can all enjoy some Frozen coloring pictures.

Tim Burton’s Mary Poppins – Take Two

A few months back I posted a poster of Poppins, Tim Burton’s take on the classic Mary Poppins, but it seemed more like a hoax than reality. However, the rumors are flying again. Here’s the latest movie poster for Tim Burton’s Mary Poppins, which isn’t as cool as the first rumored poster.   This version […]

Tim Burton’s Poppins!

Disney is teaming up with Tim Burton again and this time they are remaking Mary Poppins. Winds In The East There’s a Mist Coming In Like Something is Brewing and About to Begin… Along for the ride, as always, is Jonny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. Sadly, we have to wait until the end of […]

Coincidence? Or Amazing Disney Marketing?

Disney is one company that can make anything happen. Which makes me wonder if their marketing department froze the US to promote their movie Frozen. Coincidence? Or Amazing Disney Marketing?

The Night Before Halloween

‘Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems, In a place that perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams; For the story that you are about to be told Took place in the holiday worlds of old. Now you’ve probably wondered where holidays come from. If you haven’t, I’d say it’s time you begun. […]