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Tis the Season to be Joll-E

While browsing around Amazon the other day, I saw a great WALL-E ad that featured Wall-E in a Santa hat with some Christmas lights.  So I took a screen shot and made it iPhone/iPod Touch friendly, just for you. 🙂 Also available is the Happy WALL-E Days iPhone background and the WALL-E Jammin on an […]

Prop 8 Musical – Gay Marriage Will Save the Economy

"Prop 8 – The Musical" starring Jack Black, John C. Reilly, and many more… from Funny Or Die Star filled mini musical on Prop 8 and how it’s possible that gay marriage could bring in a lot of money to save our economy.

Simpsons Firefox Theme

It’s not exactly in English, but it doesn’t really matter. There is an official Simpsons Firefox theme promoting the movie. // Image lost. Sorry. Zooomr ate it. //   Sure, it’s a German theme, but it contains doughnuts and The Simpsons Movie logo. I had thought of creating a Simpsons theme once, but it would […]

Spiderman 3 Is Just OK.

We went out and saw the much anticipated Spiderman 3 today and came home a bit disappointed. Yes, it was good, but not great. We didn’t feel satisfied at the end and a little bored at times during the movie. We did really enjoy Spiderman 1 & 2 and were excited for the 3rd. Maybe […]

Freedom Writers

We caught Freedom Writers at the local theater and it’s is an excellent movie. It’s a based on a true story where one teacher tries to unite students that are from different gangs and yet all lead the same life. She works with them to let them know that their lives aren’t anything new and […]

Apple iPhone/PDA/iPod – Wow

The announcement today of the Apple iPhone is amazing. The little device that can do phone, music, videos, tv and so much more blows me away. All this with no buttons, just a touch screen. It’s basically like a Mac Nano. It’s almost perfect. The main, and killer, downside is that it’s Cingular only. I’m […]

Jammin’ on my Bose SoundDock

Christmas was good to me and this year as I got a Bose SoundDock! After I worked out a few issues with my iPod, it now works great and I love it. I’m all for filling the house with my music and the SoundDock is great as it also charges my iPod. 😀 Other cool […]

Netflix or Blockbuster?

As the days get colder and the snow gets ready to fly, my wife and I are pondering the movie rental services that come to your door. However, we can’t decide if we should try Netflix or Blockbuster. Netflix has been around for quite a while and I hear mostly good stuff. Most people I […]

Larry the Cable Guy : Health Inspector

We rented Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector over the weekend and found it to be quite enjoyable. I think that all the bad reviews got our hopes down and when you go into a movie not expecting much, it turns out to be better than you expected. It was funny and worth our rent. […]