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Spiderman 3 Is Just OK.

Spiderman 3We went out and saw the much anticipated Spiderman 3 today and came home a bit disappointed. Yes, it was good, but not great. We didn’t feel satisfied at the end and a little bored at times during the movie.

We did really enjoy Spiderman 1 & 2 and were excited for the 3rd. Maybe we over hyped it for ourselves, but it sure fell short of expectations.

If you really want to see it, go. But if you aren’t sure, wait for the video. It’s not worth the high price of admission in my opinion.

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  1. Pierro says:

    my name is Pierro and im from germany. Thats why my english is all others then good. pardon for this.
    i saw the movie too .
    but my opinion is a nice one:
    i think, the sound and the mad effects can you realy enjoy only in the cinema – if you like the thin story 🙂 Salut.

  2. subcorpus says:

    watched spiderman 3 last night …
    it kicked some serious ass …
    CG was amazing …
    good movie …

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