The announcement today of the Apple iPhone is amazing. The little device that can do phone, music, videos, tv and so much more blows me away. All this with no buttons, just a touch screen. It’s basically like a Mac Nano. It’s almost perfect. The main, and killer, downside is that it’s Cingular only. I’m not switching to them anytime soon and I really wish they could have partnered with Verison or a few cell companies.

The iTV was announced too. Coming in Feburary it wirelessly transmists music, movies, tv shows and more to your TV. I like this product and will consider getting one. At $299 it’s a bit pricy, but lets wait and see all the official details. Jam packed with all that HD stuff though, it’s probably a steal.

The Keynote is still going on and no speak of 10.5 yet. I’m sure it’s coming though.

Check out for all the details.