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Apple Holiday: Expo Day 2007

Apple - 2007 Just The StartIt’s an un-official Apple holiday today! Today is the bi-annual Apple Expo day where Steve Jobs gets up on stage and announces what’s been happening at Apple and where they are headed.

One year ago, Apple announced the Intel processor, iLife 06 with iWeb and lots of RSS and Podcast integration, the official FM transmitter for the iPod and minor updates to iWork. In September’s show, Mr. Jobs told us about iPod games, the movie store in iTunes, new Nanos and previewed iTV.

This year, as always, there is lots of speculation. Some say an Apple branded cell phone while others are hinting at an Apple TV. Both of these I’m un-concerned with unless they are more than just a cell phone or TV. What I’m excited to hear about is more details on iTV and MacOSX 10.5. Both of which should be shipping in 2007.

I’m just excited to listen in and hear what Apple has to announce. If you’d like to get up to the minute information, check out UneasySilences’ list of keynote coverage’s. Thanks to The Second Press for posting that.

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