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Nothing like a Griswold Family Christmas Vacation.

Christmas is the best when you’re a kid. When you grow up it’s still pretty awesome, but sometimes it just feels a little stressful. But then I think about Clark Grizwold and I realize that things aren’t that bad! Christmas Vacation is one of my favorite movies and is tops on my Christmas movie list. If you’ve never […]


Scream 4 – Cheesy but worth the rent.

The year was 1996 and I was in high school when Scream came out. I wasn’t a big fan of horror movies, but I somehow saw this one. Then there was Scream 2 and Scream 3. Each move a not quite as good as the one before it but at least the characters stayed the same and […]


Just watched Battle for LA. Lots of shooting little story.

I like a good action movie, but this was a bit over done. Where was my story? Shoot. Kill. Repeat. That’s pretty much what it was. And why do aliens, who can build spaceships and other cool stuff, always have one week spot that we can find and hit every time with a basic machine gun?


The Beauty of Pixar

I love Pixar movies. The stories are great, the characters are well thought out and the imagery is amazing. This is why Pixar is so successful!


Unstoppable Is A Great Movie

The wife and I don’t get to go out to movies much anymore since we have a little one. Actually, we didn’t go to that many before either, basically because they are expensive and usually not that good. Over the weekend however, we did get to go out to a movie and saw Unstoppable. And […]


Tis the Season to be Joll-E

While browsing around Amazon the other day, I saw a great WALL-E ad that featured Wall-E in a Santa hat with some Christmas lights.  So I took a screen shot and made it iPhone/iPod Touch friendly, just for you. 🙂 Also available is the Happy WALL-E Days iPhone background and the WALL-E Jammin on an […]