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Plurk Lurker – Basic Plurk Search

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Ever want to search for topics or friends?  Well there isn’t a formal search yet, however you can search with Plurk Lurker, a customized Google search just for

Plurk Lurker makes it quick and simple to find information on Plurk.  It is limited to what Google can see, but it’s better than nothing.  You can find posts or users as long as their information is public.

Granted, it’s pretty basic but it’s better than none; which is what I’ve found otherwise.  I’m sure as soon as an API opens up, someone will create a better Plurk search. 😉

Give Plurk Lurker a whirl.

Idea! Plurk timelines are not indexable, however the XML feeds are and they contain all the individual links to your Plurk post pages. So, if you drop your Plurk feed into this page, we may be able to get more of your posts indexed faster in Google and into the Plurk Lurker. 🙂

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