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Best Buy Coming to the Mall of America

Best Buy is coming to the Mall of America!  Finally, a good store for the guys to spend all day in while the girls are checking out every other store. 😉

It’s taking over the old Sportsmart location and is well under way of development.  Not sure on when the store will be open for business though.

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  1. Lillian E. Wills says:

    I have always found what I wanted at Best Buy in our area. Their prices were the best I found in shsopping around. The personnel were always ready to help and give advice on products. I plan to visit the new store just opening in our area as soon as possible.

  2. joncabe says:

    ihopped at best buy before and looking forward to shopping at best buy at the mall of america. this entryis for the grand opening at entry

  3. Donald Scott says:

    I have tried to enter your contest however I BestBuy.Com Mallof America and I can’t find how to enter or where to enter.

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