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Legoland disappears from the Mall of America. But will return soon.

Legoland is one of the few stores at the Mall of America that has been there since the mall opened, which is why I was surprised to see no Legos in Legoland last time I visited. All that is left is a few support beams. The good news here is that they are building a...


New Valleyfair Coaster in 2010?

Rumors are starting to swirl about a new coaster in 2010 for Valleyfair. The rumors are just that for now as there is no concrete evidence or plans in place. A park visitor did mention that he saw what looked like coaster tools and clearing. …while riding Renegade, after the first drop on the Buckel,...


It’s time for a revival!

Over the next few weeks, Thrillify is being created.  We are moving over an old blog for the content, have a new theme in place and a lot of customization to do. So hold on tight and get ready for Thrillify!