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Moose Mountain Mini Golf Coming to Mall of America

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Moose Mountain Adventure Golf is coming to the Mall of America later this summer. The 19 hole course will overlook the amusement park and construction is already under way.

The ironic part is it’s location. It’s located in the exact same spot as the mini golf course use to be in the mall. When the mall first opened mini golf was a part of it all. Then it was removed for Cereal Land from General Mills, then Dinosaur World and now it’s back to mini golf. Ok, so I think there may have been more than two attractions in that spot, but I’m not sure what they were. Either way, this space doesn’t hold attractions for long. However Moose Mountain Adventure Golf looks pretty nice!

It’ll open later in the summer, probably around August is my bet. Lets just hope they keep the pricing reasonable so that it can be a success!

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  1. DW says:

    Well, 18 holes is $9. You think that’s reasonable? You can play mini golf AND lazer tag at Lava Links for that price.

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