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Someday I’ll Go To Worlds of Fun



14 Great Roller Coaster Photos

There’s something about the thrill of a roller coaster that drives people to find faster, bigger, better coasters. Some race along at 90mph while others catapult you high into the sky. From the alluring colors, to the roaring steal and the negative Gs, roller coasters are nothing but pure fun, wrapped in a hint of...


ValleyFair – Summer Fun

Have you had a chance to make it out to VallyFair yet this year? Are you planning to? ValleyFair is Minnesota’s best summer destination. From water parks to roller coasters, there’s definitely something for everyone. I’m not sure on my summer plans just yet, but I’d love to spend a day on the rides and...


Why Do Themeparks Like Halloween So Much?

Valleyfair is currntly running ValleyScare where they turn the park in to a giant haunted house basically. During the day it’s fun and kid frienly, at night, it’s for adults and aimed to scare you to death. What I don’t get is why? Why do themeparks love to do this? Parks all around the country...


Battle: ValleyFair VS. Nickelodeon Universe

I think it’s hard to compare ValleyFair and Nickelodeon Universe as they are two completely different parks with different visitors. But lets give it a go. ValleyFair tailors more to big kids, Nickelodeon Universe to little kids. ValleyFair is outdoors, Nickelodeon Universe is indoors. ValleyFair is pricy but all rides are included, Nickelodeon Universe is pay per ride for...


Pepsi Rock Band Stage

On Tuesday, June 23rd you’ll be able to show off your Rock Band skills when Valleyfair hosts the Pepsi Rock Band stage! Performers, fans and groupies can head over to the Amphitheater Plaza between noon and 6pm to either preform for the crowd or enjoy the free concerts. This is a free event for all...


OMG Valleyfair is for Sale!!

Cedar Fair announced that Valleyfair is for sale! I guess Cedar Fair wants to pay down it’s debts and that means putting Valleyfair up for the highest bidder. Granted, I’d love to own it, but I don’t think $100 would cover it. However, even more disturbing news is that Cedar Fair is thinking of selling...


Soak City Water Park Comes to Valleyfair

New for 2009 is the Soak City water park! Valleyfair is adding a 350,000-gallon wave pool, aka Breakers Bay, with 200 feet of beach!  Imagine that, a nice beach in the Twin Cities!  No diving allowed though as it only goes down 6ft at the deepest. Soak City is about double the size of the previous Valleyfair water park and spans...