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Battle: ValleyFair VS. Nickelodeon Universe

I think it’s hard to compare ValleyFair and Nickelodeon Universe as they are two completely different parks with different visitors. But lets give it a go.

  • ValleyFair tailors more to big kids, Nickelodeon Universe to little kids.
  • ValleyFair is outdoors, Nickelodeon Universe is indoors.
  • ValleyFair is pricy but all rides are included, Nickelodeon Universe is pay per ride for the most part.
  • ValleyFair has a water park, Nickelodeon Universe has a water ride.
  • ValleyFair is open in the summer, Nickelodeon Universe is open all year around.
  • ValleyFair usually has longer lines, Nickelodeon Universe doesn’t have the crowds.
  • ValleyFair has some gift shops, Nickelodeon Universe has an entire mall.
  • ValleyFair has Wild Thing, Nickelodeon Universe has Sponge Bob.
  • ValleyFair has paid parking, Nickelodeon Universe has free parking.
  • ValleyFair has bugs, Nickelodeon Universe is bug free.
  • ValleyFair gets you a tan, or sun burn, Nickelodeon Universe keeps the sun away.
  • ValleyFair has mini golf for an additional price, Nickelodeon Universe does too.
  • ValleyFair has all day fun, Nickelodeon Universe you can probably do in an hour or two.

What other comparisons do you have?

Post inspired by ValleyFair VS. Nickelodeon Universe at the Science Buzz.

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