Since I’ve been playing with Google Chrome, I’ve wanted the start page to be available in Firefox. There are a number of extensions and work arounds, but none that actually work well. That was until I found the Google Toolbar.

A new feature in Google Toolbar 5 is Chrome’s start page functionality. Once you install the toolbar on Firefox, you’ll get the option of enabling it.

Google Start Page Firefox

One downside I found, other than having to install the whole toolbar, is that it only worked on new tabs, not on new windows. I did some fiddling and was able to work around that by adding the following URL as Firefox’s home page in the preferences.


This then loads the Google Chrome like start page every time you open a Firefox window.

I have to say, the Google Toolbar is nice, but not something I really wanted to install. However, with the addition of the start page, it’s worth the install.