When I arrived home from vacation last week I saw the news that Google Desktop was released for the Mac. All excited, I downloaded it and installed it. However, it’s not really necessary on a Mac.

Google Desktop

When Google Desktop came out for Windows, it was great. The main reason was becasue it gave Windows a good search application. The built in windows search is slower than hell and I don’t think that dog could find his tail in less than five minutes.

On a Mac though, search has always been fast. For years it’s taken only a few seconds to search for anything. When 10.4 came out, Spotlgiht gave search even more focus and really showcased a great internal search.

To me, Google Desktop is just another Spotlight. And I have plenty of them with Butler and Quicksliver apps just to name a few. Google Desktop doesn’t give me much more.

The only unique feature I see is that it searches Gmail too. That’s nice, but only if you are a hard core Gmail user. I use Gmail quit a lot, but not so much that I need it built into my computers internal search.

Don’t get me wrong, Google Desktop looks good and functions well, but it seems pointless when Macs already have a fantastic internal search.