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Google, please stop randomly logging me out of Gmail!

Why Google?! Why do you feel that logging me out of Gmail randomly is a good idea? Especially when I’m in the middle of an email. To make it worse, you tell me you can’t save the draft but you try to automatically redirect me to the login screen which means I’m going to lose […]

Kiwi vs MailPlane vs Your Browser for Gmail on the Mac

I’m kind of a sucker for Gmail apps. I really like Gmail, but I also like the look and feel of a desktop app. That’s when Kiwi for Gmail (formerly Gmail for Mac) was launched on Kickstarter, I was quick to jump in. I was hoping for something amazing, but I got something good instead. Kiwi […]

How To Get Gmail’s Priority Inbox Back – Guaranteed

Have you tried out Gmail’s new inbox groups? They’re kind of nice, but I’m not a fan of the pre-defined categories. I’d rather see those tabs as some of my labels. That’d be much more productive for me. If you want to switch back to Gmail’s Priority Inbox first click on the gear icon and […]

How to move email from one Gmail account to another.

There are a few different methods out there to move Gmail from one account to another and I’ve tried most. The problem is that they all have some sort of requirement that makes them work for some people, but not all. Or maybe they get the email, but miss the labels. None seemed to work for […]

How I moved my email to Gmail

A few weeks ago I took control over my email.  Not only did I clean out my inboxes, but I also converted everything over to Gmail.  Why would I do this? Always online and availabe to me. Doesn’t take up space on my webserver. The labeling system is fantastic.  I didn’t really know this until […]

How I Got My Inbox Into Shape

I keep hearing people say that they got their inbox down to zero or their email is so organized and I never knew how they did it.  Then, last weekend, I sat down and started organizing a few messages.  Before I knew it, I was cleaning out my inbox and got it down to only a few messages. So […]

New Gmail Has Arrived

A new version of Gmail is available. The only thing different I can see is a robust address book. It also warns users if they have Firebug enabled. Yikes! Have you seen any other improvements or changes? Check your Gmail account now and you’ll know if your in the new version if in the upper […]

Whoops, I just sent like 400 StumbleUpon Friend Requests

It seems that StumbleUpon can connect to your Gmail account and auto-magically connect you with those that have StumbleUpon accounts. I thought that was cool so I did it. I didn’t realize that it was also sending invites to all those in my address book that weren’t on StumbleUpon. Since I have 419 random emails […]

Mailplane brings Gmail to the desktop.

If you use Gmail and a Mac, Mailplane is a must have application. It’s really the first program I’ve seen that really takes a web based application to the desktop. At it’s core, it’s really just a webkit browser (or so I assume) that shows Gmail. But then there is so much more. It has […]

What’s the point of Google Desktop Mac?

When I arrived home from vacation last week I saw the news that Google Desktop was released for the Mac. All excited, I downloaded it and installed it. However, it’s not really necessary on a Mac. When Google Desktop came out for Windows, it was great. The main reason was becasue it gave Windows a […]