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How To Get Gmail’s Priority Inbox Back – Guaranteed

Have you tried out Gmail’s new inbox groups? They’re kind of nice, but I’m not a fan of the pre-defined categories. I’d rather see those tabs as some of my labels. That’d be much more productive for me.

If you want to switch back to Gmail’s Priority Inbox first click on the gear icon and go to Settings.

Revert Inbox Step 1

Then click on Inbox and change the Inbox drop down to Important First.

Revert Inbox Step 2

If you go down to the ‘Save’ button, you’ll see it’s disabled. That’s a bug somewhere in the Gmail system. However, if you now switch to the General tab and make a change somewhere in this section, the Save button will become active.

Now hit Save and Gmail will reload. When it loads, your priority inbox will be back.

Gmail Priority Inbox

You now have Priority Inbox back in action.

I also found out that on the Inbox settings page you can customize your Priority Inbox which is pretty sweet.

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  1. dohman says:

    although i’v’e tried the tabs for just a short while, i do like the new layout. but i agree about the predefined categories. it would be much more useful if i could define my own.

    to pick on the predefined tabs a bit, take the forums tab, isn’t that really just the early days of social?. why have such a redundant tab when limited to only five tabs? why didn’t they have a ‘work’ tab instead?

    i would be surprised if this isn’t just the first phase of this and they let us define our own categories pretty soon. if they don’t it’s pretty shortsighted.

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