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Why I don’t want to watch Drive on FOX.

Drive premiers on FOX this Sunday and the show looks good. It’s about an illegal cross country road race and the characters already seem likable. But I hope to avoid watching it because you know that’ll happen, they’ll race across the country for the next three our four years.

Look at Prison Break. Those guys have been trying to get free for many seasons and now most of them that did get out of jail are back in it. And don’t get me started on Lost. Love the show but annoyed that I may never get to see the ending as it drags on forever!

TV has some great, addicting shows but some seem like they should be a one season deal. I want to watch the Drive road race, but I want to see someone win this season. I want to watch a season of a show and feel good about the finale and not feel like I wasted the last few months just to get a big question mark at the end.

Shows like House, ER, The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, Las Vegas and many more can do the whole cliffhanger finales and it works well. Other shows like Drive, Prison Break and Lost just make me feel as they lied that I have to wait another season, or five, before I can find out what’s really going on and how it really ends.

Well see what happens though, I just may get into Drive and be addicted to yet another new show that drags on.

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  1. Have to say I agree with you on shows. I’m also getting a little tired of waiting for the end. But I think the commercials for Drive already have me hooked. Not fair.


  2. Thomas says:

    I totally agree Jean about the commercials. I feel hooked when it hasn’t even aired yet. 😉

  3. Money says:

    I completely agree with you however I did watch the first show….well some of it. I was switching to the PBS show on: “The Lonely Turtle” which I must admit was much more riveting than “Drive.” What a disappointment watching endless chatter and driving. It was almost like torture. Seriously, torture. It would be like putting a web cam in your car and then car pooling and filming everyone. No, actually that would be more exciting. Clearly Mr. Minear is going for the “LOST” mystery vibe, but it is sooo dang boring. It could only get more boring if they were all contestants in a grocery store and we switched viewing their dialogue and scences between aisles as they raced shopping carts. Just imagine, squeeky wheels, some tires wouldn’t move, they maybe out of Mocha Fudge Ice Cream—eeehhh gads, the horror and mystery of it all can be found in: “Cartin’ in the SuperMarket.”
    I feel SOOO sorry for the talented actors. Sorry for them. Pity actually as they deserve better than this.
    Such disppointment and waste of the denero. I have read shows are not cheap to make. Mr. Minear: You have a big problem because the show is called “Drive” so really any advice won’t work because they have to, ya know, Drive. But geez, that is so boring. And way toooo many characters who are dumb.
    Totally disappointed and feeling sorry for the actors.

  4. Thomas says:

    I escaped the addictiveness of Drive and have not watched one show. I feel so free. 🙂 Lost however, I’m still addicted to even though it’s sloooow.

  5. Don says:

    Well you got your wish as far as it not dragging on because it’s been canceled.

  6. Thomas says:

    What?! Already! WOW.

  7. Don says:

    Yes. Fox is retarded. They’ll keep shows that jumped the shark but won’t let other series develop enough or stay on long enough for people to find it. I HATE FOX!

  8. That’s it. No more FOX shows for me. If it finishes a first season I will download it with no commercials. I can’t believe they did this to us.


  9. Don says:

    Fox has a track record for doing this.
    The first time (I remember )they did it was to Kindred the Embraced. Then They did it to Firefly and with another a show I never even heard of “The Standoff” (found on Imdb) that sounded pretty good. Now they have done it to Drive. After this season of 24 I am no longer going to watch FOX at all. There are plenty of good channels and good books to read with out being contstantly disappointed by FOX.

  10. Thomas says:

    They base everything on the first couple of episodes. Not a good test in my mind, but they seem to like it. All networks do it too.

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