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Silvermel – Return of Firefox Style

Remember a while ago when Charamel roamed the streets?  It was one of the most detailed and perfect Firefox themes I’ve ever seen.  Well now there is Silvermel; a silver version of Charamel.

Silvermel - Firefox Theme

Silvermel has every detail down and outstanding design everywhere you turn.  It’s a work of art that you just have to see.  Lucky for you, you can!  It’s available on the Mozilla Addon’s site and works for Firefox 1-3 and Thunderbird 1.5 or 2.

This is one Firefox theme you have to see to believe. 😀

4 Responses

  1. jake says:

    wow is beautiful! finally a great FF theme to work with my FF3 heaven.

  2. Shane Sullivan says:

    It’s great I have been using Ipox for so long it feels funny to try something else but so far it feels great. I turned off my Ipox tweaks for the Status bar and Bookmark bar, but I could have easily left them on

  3. shadow7853 says:

    good.. thank’s

  4. DyMndSkiR says:

    Thank you for this theme. I have been missing Charamel for awhile now, and while this theme isn’t quite the same with the tan coloring, it is the best theme I have seen for FF3, and makes it so close to Charamel that I love it anyway.

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