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Get ready to download Firefox 3 tomorrow!

Tuesday June 17th is the release date for Firefox 3! We (Firefox fans) are hoping to set a Guinness world record for the most times a piece of software is downloaded in the first 24 hours! If you could download Firefox 3 on Tuesday, that’d be a great help!

So what’s new in Firefox 3? Lots of stuff. Here are a few high points.

  • A browser interface that look and acts more like your opperating system. Including native Mac checkboxes, buttons and scrollbars!
  • Smart bookmarks, aka Places. The browser will automatically remember your ‘most visited’ and ‘recently visited’ sites via a quick bookmark in your bookmarks bar.
  • Increased security. If you visit a site that may harm your computer, a warning message become very obvious!
  • Increased JavaScript performance. Sites like Gmail, Zoho and many other Ajax heavy sites should perform better and faster.
  • Smarter ‘Remember Password’ alert boxes. They’ll no longer take up precious surfing time.
  • Smarter address bar so you can better see your auto complete matches and bookmark sites without leaving the address bar.
  • Much better memory footprint on your computer! Leaving even more memory for other applications.

So what do you think? Can you download Firefox 3 on Tuesday June 17th??

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  1. jackjack says:

    Good post, but tomorrow, the release of Firefox 3, is not “June 14th”… you mean “June 17th”.

    No more reasons not to use Firefox! Firefox 3 fixes all those old issues, is better/faster/smarter than IE 7 AND 8, and has awesome web-standards compatibility (unlike the laughable compatibility of IE 7 or 8).

    On the 17th, click and then download the best, safest, and fastest web browser you’ll ever use!

  2. Thomas says:

    Thanks jackjack. That bad date sneaked into the post somehow. 🙂

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