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iPox on Mozilla’s Site

iPox has been approved by the nice people at Mozilla and added to the Mozilla Update site. So far it says that iPox has 483 downloads!! Holy cow! How cool is that?! Better yet, the reviews are mostly positive. Pretty impressive for my first attempt at a Firefox theme. 😀


iPox Lives

It’s true, my iPox Firefox theme lives!! I was worried there for a moment as there was a missing, and very important, menu on Windows. So I took some time, played with a few things, got mad and disappointed and then, there it was. At first it looked horrid, but it was there. Then it […]


iPox Issues & Discussion

I have found out that iPox has major issues on Windows. Seems that some important menus disappear and I’m not sure why or what they see. However, I’ve started a new iPox discussion area over at the Mozilla forms to help me get this issue fixed and get more feedback.


iPox Firefox Theme

Announcing my first Firefox theme iPox! The first version of iPox has been released. It’s only v0.1 so don’t expect anything to awesome. 🙂 Since this is my first Firefox theme, I’m learning as I go. I’m using the default Mac Firefox theme as my base and editing pieces here and there. It’s loosely based […]