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iPox Hacks – Bookmarks Bar

New Hacks Documentation -> Two complaints I hear again and again are that people don’t like the blue of the bookmarks bar or they don’t want the icons in the bookmarks bar. Well good news. We can fix that for you. Update: Get Stylish and you don’t have to worry about finding or editing the […]

iPox for Thunderbird?

One of my biggest requests is iPox for Thunderbird. Where it’s a great idea, I’m not working on it. The time it takes to create a good theme is more that I have available. I like to think that I’ve done well with iPox so far, but there are still many issues to fix. With […]

iPox 0.4 – Buttons!

iPox 0.4 is getting released today! I have now themed all the default Firefox toolbar icons. I’m not 100% satisfied with them, but they work pretty good for now. I even added a mouse over state to each one. Rollover the back button, or any button, and it’ll highlight blue. I haven’t really checked much […]

iPox Gets Big Buttons & Shine

Now, shinner than ever is iPox v0.35! New in this release is the return of the much missed big buttons and some makeovers. The tabs and main toolbar background have gone from the ‘two tone’ kinda shine, to the full glossy look. So sweet! 🙂 Oh, and for the third time, the main buttons got […]

iPox Feedback – Lets Talk

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback at my website and on the Mozilla site. So much that I keep hearing the same things over and over. So I thought I’d address a few. Large Icons Yes, I see that removing them made some unhappy people. Don’t fear, they are coming back. When? Well I […]

iPox Tweak

Yes, iPox is taking up quite a bit of my free time right now, but it’s fun to see it evolve. I’ve uploaded a new version to Mozilla’s site based on some feedback. Version 0.31 is a small update with the secure URL background color switched from red to green based on some upcoming standards. […]

iPox Update and Thanks

First, thank you to all who’ve made my Firefox theme iPox a huge success. iPox is currently #6 on Mozilla’s most popular themes list and I’m very excited to have it there. Thanks to all who’ve given it a try. You’re feedback hasn’t gone unseen either. Today I’m releasing iPox 0.3 (available at Mozilla later […]

iPox 0.21 Is Out

Yep, a small delay but iPox 0.21 is out. (no 0.20 didn’t get released). Enjoy 😀

iPox 0.2 [Updated]

I’m submitting iPox 0.2 to Mozilla today and hopefully it’ll be available to download later today. Updates include: Rounded URL Bar Better Big Icons Background Tool Tip Design Status Bar Background URL Dropdown Arrow thing (has a few issues though) Secure URL Bar Background Still, there is much to do, but I’m slowly progressing. Two […]

iPox Lives

It’s true, my iPox Firefox theme lives!! I was worried there for a moment as there was a missing, and very important, menu on Windows. So I took some time, played with a few things, got mad and disappointed and then, there it was. At first it looked horrid, but it was there. Then it […]