One of my biggest requests is iPox for Thunderbird. Where it’s a great idea, I’m not working on it.

The time it takes to create a good theme is more that I have available. I like to think that I’ve done well with iPox so far, but there are still many issues to fix. With that in mind, starting a Thunderbird theme too just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

I do like the idea of an iPox Thunderbird theme as good Thunderbird themes are few and far between, but it just doesn’t seem doable at the time. Maybe in the future though.

Oh, and some inside information for you iPox fans, iPox’s next release will include scrollbars! I have them 90% working and looking pretty good. I’ll have see them on a PC, get the few bugs fixed and use them for a little while before they’ll go live. However, they are on their way. 😀