iPox 0.4 is getting released today!

I have now themed all the default Firefox toolbar icons. I’m not 100% satisfied with them, but they work pretty good for now. I even added a mouse over state to each one. Rollover the back button, or any button, and it’ll highlight blue. I haven’t really checked much on a PC so that color may need to get modified. But it’s a start.

Also a big thanks goes out to Adam. Adam sent me an email saying that all I had to do was add a !important tag in my CSS and my glossy graphic would go behind the main navigation on windows. And sure enough it does!

I also removed some Googlebar code as I didn’t know what it was. If you have Google bar, you may wanna see if I broke anything.

The mouse over icons and the menu issue were two of the biggest complains. With them fixed, I should make a lot more people happy. 🙂

Look for iPox 0.4 on Mozilla later today.