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Interesting sites of the day.

Gollum Browser – Browse the Wikipedia in this web based browser. Come complete with keyword suggestions and a browser like interface. Kind of cool but is it really useful?

50 Best Firefox Extensions for Power Surfing – An excellent post about how you can transform the basic Firefox browser into something much more.

Riffs – A place to tell the world you opinions on just about anything. From fast food joints to movie reviews. If you have an opinion, Riffs wants to know.

eyeOS – A web based operating system. That’s right. Install this on your web server and you can have your computer with you where ever you go. Or so it claims. Sounds like a good idea to me though!

Songbird – The latest iTunes like audio system that not only organized your music but also connects to all types of music stores inside the application. Based off Firefox so you know it’s good under the hood. I haven’t tried it yet as the Mac version isn’t available.

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