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iPox Feedback – Lets Talk

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback at my website and on the Mozilla site. So much that I keep hearing the same things over and over. So I thought I’d address a few.

  1. Large Icons
    Yes, I see that removing them made some unhappy people. Don’t fear, they are coming back. When? Well I was hoping soon, but the code to make the big icons work screws up the little icons. I’m hoping in the next release though.
  2. Scrollbars – I’ll get to scrollbars eventually, but to many other things to fix first. Don’t look for them anytime soon.
  3. Blue Bookmarks Bar – Someone doesn’t like it?! Actually a few don’t. But I can’t see removing it at this time as I like it.
  4. Colored Buttons – No, I’m not adding colors to my buttons. They will remain white/grey. But, a possible color version of the theme may come in the future.
  5. More Buttons – As soon as I get around to it I’ll create history, print, etc. But I have to get the big buttons working first.
  6. Mouse Over Highlights – This is higher on my list, but I need to get the big/small buttons working first. Then maybe highlights.
  7. White behind Windows Main Menu – If I could fix it I would. I’m still working on it. Any help?
  8. Extensions – I haven’t tried my theme with many of the extensions. Let me know if something doesn’t work and maybe I’ll get around to fixing it.
  9. Bookmarks Bar Fav Icons – Some people don’t like them. Well there is code you can put in your userChrome.css file to make them disappear.
  10. Alternate row colors for Sage. I hear ya, and it’ll come eventually.
  11. Match Case corrupted icon in Find Bar (Windows Issue). I’ll look into it when I get time.

So, as you can see, I have a lot to work on and those are just the ‘popular’ comments. I have a lot to do ahead of me and I’ll see what I can get. My current goal is to get large icons working, theme all the buttons and get a rollover on each button. I have no timeline so please be patient. 🙂


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  1. Scott says:

    most of the improvements i can think of, you’ve already listed. although i was hoping scrollbars were higher up on the todo list, i can’t argue that there are other things to fix, not the least of which is the glaring white space behind the windows main menu. unfortunately, i have no help to offer…
    i, for one, love the blue bookmarks bar – it’s what makes this stand out from other themes. one issue – the separators are virtually invisible, and imho, not wide enough, making them virtually useless. right now i use three side by side to create a decent visual separation, and given the near-invisiblity of the separators, actually works quite well. but still something you may want to look at.
    and THANK YOU for not giving in to colored buttons. i’m actually looking forward to your new buttons so i can get rid of some of the glaring colored ones i do have, unfortunately some of them are for extensions (adblock plus, dta, and gmail manager) and probably not so likely to get new icons.
    keep up the good work

  2. Oliver says:

    What’s the code for removing the favicons, if you don’t mind me asking? I tried searching in forums, but nothing conclusive came up.

  3. fate says:


    just downloaded your theme and found it to be (or become) exactly what I was looking for.
    Some issues still need work, but as I read in your mozdev forum you are aware of them. One thing (bug?) that occurs here is that the menu doesn’t unfold. Kind of annoying, as you probably already guessed 😉

    I’m using a Firefox 1.5 on WindowsXP SP2 (all german versions). Maybe it is because of the language – I don’t know. Just thought to let you know, if you find a solution to this I have a new favourite theme!

  4. fate says:

    Follow-up to my above entry: the problem has disappeared, I don’t know why or what caused it in the first place but just ignore this and we’re all fine.

    Bye, fate.

  5. Adam says:


    I just discovered your theme, it’s absolutely great. Good job!

    I’ve been playing with it for some time and as for #7 – it’s just a matter of a single !important here, right at the beginning of global/toolbar.css:

    menubar {
    background: url(“chrome://global/skin/toolbar/toolbar-pinstripe-overlay.png”) repeat center !important;

    You could replace menubar with #main-menubar as well. Is there something wrong with that? It’s not the cleanest solution but it works and it’s what you can use until you find out where the actual conflict is.

  6. Redd Starrs says:

    Excellent effort and thank you for sharing your work with the community.
    Another vote for bringing back the favicons and moving away from the blue bar.

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