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iPox Update and Thanks

First, thank you to all who’ve made my Firefox theme iPox a huge success.

iPox is currently #6 on Mozilla’s most popular themes list and I’m very excited to have it there. Thanks to all who’ve given it a try. You’re feedback hasn’t gone unseen either. Today I’m releasing iPox 0.3 (available at Mozilla later today Now!) and it sports a bunch of updates.

  • Added a Windows alert box background.
  • Added extension / download background when you select a file.
  • Added Sage theme – Thanks to Jon Hicks for the icons.
  • Fixed/Added Custom Status Bar
  • Added Favicons in Bookmarks Bar
  • Updated Menu and bookmarks bar text and rollover colors.
  • All new main navigation buttons. Feedback welcome. No, no rollover states yet.
  • Removed large main navigation buttons.
  • Fixed Windows odd color bar at top/bottom of right click menus.
  • Fixed moving drop down arrow in URL bar.
  • Overall theme file size is smaller

Hopefully you like all the updates, if not, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll take your thoughts into consideration.

One last BIG thanks goes out to Greg S at the Mozilla forums as he was a HUGE help in fixing some Windows bugs.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the Tip JC. Looks like I'll be creating version 0.31 this weekend or early next week. 🙂

  2. JC says:


    I’ve just installed iPox 0.3 and found it amazingly well done ! however I’ve a few comments to help you improving the theme:
    – the folder and the arrow pictures around folders menu on the bookmarks toolbar take too much room : could you remove one of the two icons. I suggest removing the folder one as it’s the biggest and because the arrows are meaningful.
    Thanks a lot !
    JC (France)

  3. James D. says:

    Beautiful! The only tweak I could think of has to do with the Sage theme that you include — something like alternating colors for each feed (silver and white, or silver and blue, or something stylistically similar) would give it that extra little something. Some Mac Firefox themes have that effect, and it makes scrolling through the feeds pretty snazzy. Thanks, I now have a new default theme!

  4. JC says:

    just another thing :
    the Secure URL Bar Background is set to red, I think this choice isn’t good : see this :,10801,106487,00.html

    the red color will be used for non-trusted site. Could you change that to green ?
    Thanks again for your work !

  5. durk says:

    Love this theme, it is clean & wonderful to look at yet………………Its the favicons in 3.0 I hate them! Is there a way/rule etc that I can add somewhere to suppress/eliminate them? I’d forever be in your debt! TY in advance, Durk

  6. Philippe says:

    It’s a really cool theme.Thank you for the work. Now I have some opinions maybe can help you to make it better.
    It can’t completely work well with Tab Mix Plus. When I take ‘Extra space on both side of tab bar’ option there is to much room on tab bar and tabs only locate in the middle.
    The word suggestion function is not good enough. When I type one word on URL bar or the other blank box some contents don’t display.
    I think the navigation buttons should be add some effect when mouse is put on the button so that we can know if the page can ‘go back’ or ‘go forward’.
    Anyway, I like this theme and hope it could be better and more and more people will like it.

  7. Alex says:

    Hi! Great theme, but one thing I personaly would like. I know you are using a mac so you don’t see these problem. I have a windows machine and the file menus are in the top of the window. The file menus don’t match to the reflection background. If you could chance them to be reflections as well and still keep the blue change, that would be nice. Also, the scroll bar is system default. Could you change them to always be apple style, it would give the theme a great enhancement. Thxs!

  8. Zak says:

    My friend has iPox 0,3 and I LOVE it. Unfortunately, my friend and I are getting error windows when we try to downlaod it. We’ve tried everything. I’d send something to Mozilla, but I’m hoping you’ll take a little more time… I’m sure they have enough stuff to do over there…

  9. Axel says:

    Hi, just load you iPox and I really like it, but there is one bug?
    When enter some form data the field which opens is empty, so I can
    not use the function to enter the data with a click, have to enter all data by hand

    Is the only theme where this is happens, all other themes work properly, but
    I like this theme most.
    How I can fix this or may you can?

    Thank you

  10. Thomas says:

    Not sure your issue Axel. I have no control (that i know of) over what gets showed and what doesn’t in form fields.

  11. Axel says:

    May I was not clear, lets try again,
    if you come to a form field, lets say a name field, usually (if activated) you fill in one letter and then a list with options are shown from former entered names, but in tis version, it opens, but doesn’t show the entries if there is only one entry if there are 2 entries it shows only one (the second) the first entry are not shown.

    I hope you understand now what I mean 🙂

  12. firecad2006 says:

    i installed restart Firefox and when i right click to add buttons i get a list of all the diffrent buttons i have a image can you e-mail me first so i can send it to use it very weired. [email protected]

    thank you

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