First, thank you to all who’ve made my Firefox theme iPox a huge success.

iPox is currently #6 on Mozilla’s most popular themes list and I’m very excited to have it there. Thanks to all who’ve given it a try. You’re feedback hasn’t gone unseen either. Today I’m releasing iPox 0.3 (available at Mozilla later today Now!) and it sports a bunch of updates.

  • Added a Windows alert box background.
  • Added extension / download background when you select a file.
  • Added Sage theme – Thanks to Jon Hicks for the icons.
  • Fixed/Added Custom Status Bar
  • Added Favicons in Bookmarks Bar
  • Updated Menu and bookmarks bar text and rollover colors.
  • All new main navigation buttons. Feedback welcome. No, no rollover states yet.
  • Removed large main navigation buttons.
  • Fixed Windows odd color bar at top/bottom of right click menus.
  • Fixed moving drop down arrow in URL bar.
  • Overall theme file size is smaller

Hopefully you like all the updates, if not, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll take your thoughts into consideration.

One last BIG thanks goes out to Greg S at the Mozilla forums as he was a HUGE help in fixing some Windows bugs.