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Tinseltown, iPox & MidnightFox Updates

I don’t usually post about multiple theme updates at once, but everyone got a little update today. As noted earlier, all themes should now be Linux compatible. MidnightFox also got the status bar code updated so hopefully that ugly grey one is gone. iPox got the most updates with a new throbber and a few […]

Welcome Linux Fans

t took a few days and lots and lots of test builds but I think all the Linux crashing issues with Tinseltown, iPox and MidnightFox are fixed! Even better yet, the fixes have no ill effects for Mac or Windows users. I’m so happy. A huge thanks goes out to all my help including ehume, […]

Themes Bug Tracker Online

I’ve started a bug tracker application to keep all the bugs, and feature requests, for my Firefox themes in one place. My goal is to not miss out on any requests. Check out the full bug tracker or the quick submit bug form. Basically, just fill in a few fields, hit submit and I’ll be […]

iPox 1.0 Released!

iPox has been re-worked and released for Firefox 2.0! Get the full details on the new iPox page. What’s new in iPox 1.0 – Real Firefox 2 support. – New status bar – Slightly re-wokred tabs with new highlight color. – Smaller icons to match the PC default sizes. – Better themeing of addons, preferences, […]

iPox Status Update 3 : Release Info

iPox has been RELEASED!!!! It’s almost time, iPox for Firefox 2 is about to be released. If all goes well, I should submit it to Mozilla this week and, depending on how long the approval process is, it could be made public later this week. So what’s new? Well I started over from scratch. Everything […]

State of iPox Update & Download

!! Updated Release Info Following up on my previous State of iPod for Firefox 2 post I thought I’d give everyone an update. Things are not going very well for iPox. The tab bar is just not playing nice. We either have tabs and errors, or no tabs. So that’s no fun. iPox will not […]

State of iPox for Firefox 2

!! Updated Release Info People have been asking about iPox for Firefox 2 for literally months now. So here is the status. It’s in progress. I have updated the the install files and saw the freak out when Firefox 2 got a hold of it. I’ve started working out the issues and it’s not easy. […]

Getting Extensions to Work with Firefox 2

Firefox 2 is now in release candidate 2 so people are giving a whirl left and right. Even I’ve tried it but I’ll save my mini-review for later. One issue that people have is that their extensions don’t work. Then they complain to the Firefox team which does no good. What you really need to […]

HalloFF Halloween Theme for Firefox 1.5.x – Testing

A while ago I posted about a Halloween theme I found on Deviantart. It was a port of my Hallo Halloween theme from MacOSX to Firefox. It looked pretty good, until I installed it. Then it was lacking in many areas. So, I reworked it and am now tesing HalloFF, my Halloween Firefox theme. HalloFF […]

How to create a Firefox Theme

I’m starting a whole new set of theme tutorials. Check out the iPod Remix post for all the details. This is a basic ‘how to’ tutorial for creating a Firefox theme. It’s not intended to be overly detailed as it’s not really that hard. In no time at all, you could get a basic theme […]