!! Updated Release InfoFirefox 2

Following up on my previous State of iPod for Firefox 2 post I thought I’d give everyone an update. Things are not going very well for iPox.

The tab bar is just not playing nice. We either have tabs and errors, or no tabs. So that’s no fun. iPox will not have the close button on each tab for a while yet and that drop down menu on the tab bar is also missing in action.

The good news is the URL bar now has 95% rounded corners. There is just some cleaning up to do and that involves getting the background back for behind the buttons. Why that has disappeared is beyond me. Another oddity in this Firefox 2 theme adventure.

One of the best and worst ideas that has come up is to start all over. That way I get all the Firefox 2 features and none of the mess that I currently have. However, that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. I’m not sure what we are going to do there.

Since Firefox 2 is suppose to launch today, and I promised a download, I’ll let you all see the latest development. Keep in mind that this version has issues, is missing features and is a work in progress.

Download removed as iPox for Firefox 2 should be released soon.

Ok, I’ve updated the theme with a working version for PCs. This one has the toolbar and everything. πŸ˜‰ If you are stuck without the toolbar, just go to Mozilla’s Add-On site and install any extension or theme. That’ll open the addon’s window and you can then choose a different theme. Sorry about that.
To install, just download iPox, open your addons window and drag the .jar file to your addons window. Then restart.

Good Luck!