!! Updated Release Info

iPox FirefoxPeople have been asking about iPox for Firefox 2 for literally months now. So here is the status. It’s in progress.

I have updated the the install files and saw the freak out when Firefox 2 got a hold of it. I’ve started working out the issues and it’s not easy. So far I’ve un-themed more than I’ve fixed. The theme changes documentation isn’t perfect and by applying all the updates, it just makes iPox worse.

By working on iPox I managed to get it so that the tabs disappear, however I was able to revert backwards and get them back. No close button on each tab or any other new tab bar features yet. But tabs work.

Other things are freaking out too. Like the URL bar. I’ve had to remove the round ends for now and I somehow have a giant favicon. The RSS icon is also not happy.

I’m keeping a list of my on-going iPox Firefox 2 fixes to make if you wanna check them out.

So when will it be done? Ummm….. Good question. I make no promises that it’ll be ready for the official Firefox 2.0 launch date. Sorry, but it’s just not that easy. Enjoy the cool new Firefox look and feel and iPox will come when it’s ready. Unless you wanna help fix the issues, just be patient. 🙂